Clementine | Small Daisy Flower Cat Collar


This jazzy small puppy or cat collar features a beautiful arrangement of daisies, ferns, and baby’s breath flowers on a gold/yellow glitter faux leather collar. Just divine!

The Collar is suitable for furry animals with a neck size of 21-26cm. 



Bark and Bloom Flower Collars for cats and dogs are designed especially for them and also beautifully handmade. Whether it be a special occasion like a party, wedding, a photo shoot, a market or festival hang or simply to have your cat and puppy look snazzy, our Flower Collars are sure to delight!

To ensure the size is suitable, measure your dog or cat’s neck with a cloth seamstress’s tape measure to get the correct size. (If you do not have a tape measure, you can use a piece of string and then measure the string with a rigid ruler.)

Custom orders are most welcome, please message to chat about any specific requirements.