Bark and Bloom has one of Australia’s finest range of high-quality Flower Crowns. We create floral headpieces in an array of colours and styles to suit whatever occasion you need them for. All are original and hand made in Australia by the creator of Bark and Bloom, Annie. 

We have an amazing reputation with a 5-star rating on Etsy for our top quality handmade flower crowns. We use artificial flowers which provide that premium real look with the addition of lasting forever. This means you will be able to wear it many times or wear it to your special occasion and save is as a memory for years to come.

If you do not find that perfect floral headpiece, we are in the business of satisfaction and will create on-demand your own unique flower crown. This bespoke flower arrangement will be unique to your needs and provide you with exactly with what you want.

Choose from a range of flower types and colours to create the most beautiful flower crown for your wedding, festival, hens night, baby shower. Whatever the occasion we can create the perfect flower crown to your own individual needs.

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