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If you’re looking for the perfect flower crown Australia. You have come to the right place. As Bark and Bloom flower crowns will not dissapoint your thirst to discover the perfect floral headpiece for your next occasion which requires it. We love that while our flower crowns are artificial they look absolutely amazing and all of our reviews attest to that. The other added benefit is that while being faux flowers this means this special head piece can remain part of your treasured memories forever. Or of course you can just use it as many times as you like!

Feel free to browse our range of items which cover many flower types. If you do not see what you are after we do indeed create custom orders on demand. I am happy to liaise with your to design and create the perfect flower crown Australia for your specific occasion. My passion is to provide you with the right flower crown that you are after. I believe that my artificial crowns are the best in Australia and my perfect 5 start record attests to the quality of my products. I can consult with you by either phone or email which ever you choose. Please do allow plenty of time before your even as custom orders can take a little longer and I wouldn’t want to place you under not required stress.

Find the perfect head piece for the right occasion:

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Occasions for Flower Crown Australia

These flower crown head pieces can be used in a variety of ways but the most common use of the flower crown Australia is for weddings and bridal parties. We even have flower crowns for your pets to join you on your special day. 

Other occasions that flower crowns are good for:

Weddings – your special day calls for the most amazing floral head piece. Go small or go big. Go white or go colourful. Whatever your heart desires Bark and Bloom can have the most amazing piece created for your special occasion. 

Hens nights – that special final night out with the ladies. Go crazy and get the most amazing floral head piece to make you stand out from the crowd. 

Baby showers – on the imminent arrival of your little one. Have the crown to match the upcoming moment of new motherhood. We have the flower crown for that moment.

Photo Shoots – if you need a crown to match a photo shoot that you are doing we can also help out there as well

Birthday parties – having a big birthday bash. We can make you look so fabulous with one of our fancy floral head pieces which will make you stand out as the special birthday girl. 

Attending Festivals – lets go fiesta baby! We have a range of tropical to hippy style crowns which will suit your upcoming festival. Going to Rainbow Serpent Festival or Byron Blues Festival. Well its time to get your head piece to stand out from the crowd. Trust me everyone will be asking, where did you get that from?

In fact you can where your flower crown to what ever occasion you like! 

wearing head piece

How to choose the perfect crown?

Choosing the right flower crown for your special occasion can be a daunting task. Thankfully if you do not find the perfect flower crown in our range we can create you a spectacular custom flower crown to whatever specification you require. 

The most important part is that the flower crown matches both your choice of clothing along with your hair styling. If you are getting your hair styles for say an event such as a wedding it is best that you make clear to your stylist that you ware wanting to include a

How do you make flower head pieces?

All of our floral arrangements are 100% handcrafted.This means that all of our head pieces are unique individual pieces that no other person will have. We choose to use faux (fake) flowers as they have the benefit of you guessed it, lasting forever. Artificial flowers will never wilt and will last as long as you take care of them. 

The other major benefit of using fake flowers for our arrangements is that they are allergy free. So its perfect for those that are sensitive to allergens. There’s nothing worse than allergy suffers reacting to flowers on their special day. With Bark and Bloom floral crowns you will not have to worry about any of this on your event day. Just enjoy your special occasion in your fabulous flower for everyone to adore and admire. 

Why not include your pet in your wedding and choose one of our flower crowns to match

We love to appeal to the animal lover that’s why we also have a large range of flower crowns for your pets to join you on your special day. If you are like most animal lovers you consider your pets to be part of your family and why wouldn’t you include them in your special day. 

Your pet can just be a regular attendee or you can also involve them as part of your bridal party. Perhaps make them your right bearer or have them along for that extra support for your bouquet. Perhaps you could have a surprise 

Many of our pieces are made for pets who join their owners on their wedding day. Pets are part of our lives and families so why wouldn’t we want them part of every special moment of our lives! Roles for pets during a wedding can be a Ring Bearer, be part of the Bridal Party, be there for support on your special day.